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Raven's Mark

Title : Raven's Mark
Author : Jade Archer
Publisher: Total-e-bound
Total pages: 204 pages
ISBN: 0857158651
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Sometimes the strength to fight the past lies in the love and friendship of the present. Mark Carter has taken care of himself and those around him since he was a teenager. But with his younger brother and sister now packed off to college, he finds himself suddenly alone. Throwing everything he has into his new position at Sandpipers Restaurant leaves little time for anything else. And that's just fine by Mark. Then Raven stumbles into his life and everything changes. Mark can't help wanting to know more about the mysterious man—which is easier said than done. Raven is painfully shy, a single parent and stutters, especially when he's nervous. But Mark is determined to get to know the warm, intelligent man he glimpses beneath the quiet exterior. The question is, will Raven let him? Raven finally has a chance to start again. He's determined to put the past behind him and do whatever it takes to create a normal life for his young son, Ryan. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as it sounds. He doesn't have much acquaintance with 'normal', and the past has a way on intruding on the present no matter how hard he tries to escape it. Can he trust Mark with his secrets? And more importantly...should he?

Mark of the Raven (The Ravenwood Saga Book #1)

Title : Mark of the Raven (The Ravenwood Saga Book #1)
Author : Morgan L. Busse
Publisher: Baker Books
Total pages: 352 pages
ISBN: 1493416162
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Lady Selene is the heir to the Great House of Ravenwood and the secret family gift of dreamwalking. As a dreamwalker, she can enter a person's dreams and manipulate their greatest fears or desires. For the last hundred years, the Ravenwood women have used their gift of dreaming for hire to gather information or to assassinate. As she discovers her family's dark secret, Selene is torn between upholding her family's legacy--a legacy that supports her people--or seeking the true reason behind her family's gift. Her dilemma comes to a head when she is tasked with assassinating the one man who can bring peace to the nations, but who will also bring about the downfall of her own house. One path holds glory and power, and will solidify her position as Lady of Ravenwood. The other path holds shame and execution. Which will she choose? And is she willing to pay the price for the path chosen?

Mark of the Raven

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