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Title : Imagine
Author : John Lennon
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Total pages: 32 pages
ISBN: 1328994724
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Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us, and the world will be as one. Join one little pigeon as she sets out on a journey to spread a message of tolerance around the world. Featuring the lyrics of John Lennon’s iconic song and illustrations by the award-winning artist Jean Jullien, this poignant and timely picture book dares to imagine a world at peace. Imagine will be published in partnership with human rights organization Amnesty International.

Memories of John Lennon

Title : Memories of John Lennon
Author : Yoko Ono
Publisher: Harper Collins
Total pages: 320 pages
ISBN: 9780061870804
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John Lennon . . . as much a part of our world today as he ever was He touched many lives in his brief forty years, and continues to move and inspire millions more to this day. Now, invited by Yoko Ono, friends, family, and fans from all walks of life—including some of the great artists of our day—reminisce about Lennon as a visionary and friend, musician and performer, husband and father, activist and jokester. In their own words and drawings, poems and photos, Lennon's life from his childhood through the Beatles years to the happiness and tragedy of his final days become stunningly vivid. Intimate glimpses gathered from musicians who knew John, such as Pete Townshend, Sir Elton John, Billy Preston, and Joan Baez; friends and relatives such as producer David Geffen, publicist Elliot Mintz, and cousin Mike Cadwallader; and artists who followed him such as Bono, Alicia Keys, Steve Earle, Jello Biafra, and Carlos Santana. And, for the first time, renowned photographer Annie Liebovitz presents every frame of the historic last session with John and Yoko. Memories of John Lennon is a rich and deeply felt appreciation of a truly great man.

Imagine This

Title : Imagine This
Author : Julia Baird
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Total pages: 336 pages
ISBN: 1848946511
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Until now, the true story of John Lennon's childhood has never been told. John's sister Julia has herself been on a personal journey that has made it possible only now to reveal the full extent of the pain and difficulties - as well as the happier times - living inside John Lennon's family brought. Julia reveals the various strong, self-willed and selfish women who surrounded John as he grew up. John was removed from his mother at the age of 5 to live with his Aunt Mimi, and here Julia shows for the first time the cruelty of this decision - to both mother and son, she sheds a new light on his upbringing with Mimi which is often at dramatic odds with the accepted tale. John's frequent visits to his mother and sisters gave him the liveliness, freedom and love he sought and allowed him to develop his musical talents. The tragic death of their mother, knocked down outside Aunt Mimi's house by a speeding car when John was 17, meant that life for him and his sisters would never be the same again. Poignant, raw and beautifully written, IMAGINE THIS casts John Lennon's life in a new light and reveals the source of his emotional fragility and musical genius. It is also one family's extraordinary story of how it dealt with fame and tragedy beyond all imagining.

Skywriting by Word of Mouth

Title : Skywriting by Word of Mouth
Author : John Lennon
Publisher: Harper Collins
Total pages: 208 pages
ISBN: 0062319868
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John Lennon wrote Skywriting by Word of Mouth, an impressive collection of writings and drawings, during Yoko Ono's pregnancy with Sean, and always planned to have it published. The book's publication was a wish that seemed to end with Lennon's assassination in 1980 and the theft of the manuscript from the Lennons' home in 1982. When it was recovered and first published in 1986, Skywriting received immediate critical and popular acclaim. Filled with Lennon's extraordinary creative powers and lavishly illustrated with his own drawings, the collection reveals his fertile creative spirit up close and in full force. Included in Skywriting are "Two Virgins," written when the public learned that John and Yoko were living together as husband and wife, and John's only autobiography, "The Ballad of John and Yoko." In addition there are notes on his falling in love with Yoko, the breakup of the Beatles, his persecution by U.S. authorities, and his withdrawal from public life. This is a book with John Lennon's spirit on every page—a spirit the world needs to remember.

Maigret Travels

Title : Maigret Travels
Author : Georges Simenon
Publisher: Penguin
Total pages: 176 pages
ISBN: 0525504060
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“One of the greatest writers of the twentieth century . . . Simenon was unequaled at making us look inside, though the ability was masked by his brilliance at absorbing us obsessively in his stories.” —The Guardian When two people turn up dead at the same hotel mere hours apart, Maigret suspects it is no coincidence When multi-millionaire David Ward is found dead in the same hotel as a countess who attempted suicide only hours earlier, Maigret presumes that the two cases are connected. When the countess flees Paris after the murder, Maigret follows her to Nice and then to Switzerland to uncover the truth. Maigret Travels is a tense, intricately woven mystery with a shocking conclusion.

Heal the Earth

Title : Heal the Earth
Author : Julian Lennon,Bart Davis
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
Total pages: 40 pages
ISBN: 1510728554
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Take a journey to help the Earth in the second book of the New York Times bestselling trilogy by Julian Lennon! Jump aboard the White Feather Flier, a magical plane that can go wherever you want. This time, Lennon’s interactive book immerses children in a fun and unique journey where they can: Bring medicine to people in need! Dive below the ocean to bleached coral reefs! Visit the city to cultivate green spaces! Help the rain forest return and give its animals a home! Explore the planet, meet new people, and help make the world a better place! The Flier's mission is to transport readers around the world, to engage them in helping to save the environment, and to teach one and all to love our planet. Just press a button printed on the page, and point the plane up in the air to fly, or down to land it! An inspiring, lyrical story, rooted in Lennon's life and work, Heal the Earth is filled with beautiful illustrations that bring the faraway world closer to young children. The book includes words to a new, special poem written by Julian Lennon, specifically for Heal the Earth. A portion of the proceeds from book sales will go to support the environmental and humanitarian efforts of the White Feather Foundation, the global environmental and humanitarian organization that Lennon founded to promote education, health, conservation, and the protection of indigenous culture.

The Making of John Lennon

Title : The Making of John Lennon
Author : Francis Kenny
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Total pages: 284 pages
ISBN: 1684350360
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Despite the nearly universal fame of the Beatles, many people only know the fairytale version of the iconic group’s rise to fame. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of Liverpool, Francis Kenny reveals the real John Lennon who preceded the legend, showing how his childhood shaped his personality, creative process, and path to success, and how it also destroyed his mental health, leading to the downfall of one of the most confident and brilliant musicians of the past century. The Making of John Lennon is a must-read for any Beatles fan. It explains how Lennon’s turbulent family background affected his relationships, why the true inspiration for “Strawberry Fields” could not be revealed, how Pete Best's college connection led to his removal from the group, and why class backgrounds were the real reason for the breakup of the legendary band. Offering a complex portrait of Lennon’s early life, The Making of John Lennon tells the true story behind the rise of the legendary icon.

Pete With No Pants

Title : Pete With No Pants
Author : Rowboat Watkins
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Total pages: 40 pages
ISBN: 1452167389
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Meet Pete. Pete is gray. He's round. And he's not wearing any pants. So Pete must be a boulder. Or is he a pigeon? Or a squirrel? Or a cloud? Join Pete in his quest to answer the world's oldest question: Why do I have to wear pants? Wait, that's the second oldest. Born from the one-of-a-kind imagination of Rowboat Watkins, this hilarious book (the asides just beg to be read aloud) about finding out who you are features a satisfying and touching ending that will encourage young readers to be true to themselves as it reminds the adults in their lives to support them no matter what.

The Bloodprint

Title : The Bloodprint
Author : Ausma Zehanat Khan
Publisher: HarperCollins
Total pages: 448 pages
ISBN: 006245921X
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The author of the acclaimed mystery The Unquiet Dead delivers her first fantasy novel—the opening installment in a thrilling quartet—a tale of religion, oppression, and political intrigue that radiates with heroism, wonder, and hope. A dark power called the Talisman, born of ignorance and persecution, has risen in the land. Led by a man known only as the One-Eyed Preacher, it is a cruel and terrifying movement bent on world domination—a superstitious patriarchy that suppresses knowledge and subjugates women. And it is growing. But there are those who fight the Talisman’s spread, including the Companions of Hira, a diverse group of influential women whose power derives from the Claim—the magic inherent in the words of a sacred scripture. Foremost among them is Arian and her fellow warrior, Sinnia, skilled fighters who are knowledgeable in the Claim. This daring pair have long stalked Talisman slave-chains, searching for clues and weapons to help them battle their enemy’s oppressive ways. Now they may have discovered a miraculous symbol of hope that can destroy the One-Eyed Preacher and his fervid followers: the Bloodprint, a dangerous text the Talisman has tried to erase from the world. Finding the Bloodprint promises to be their most perilous undertaking yet, an arduous journey that will lead them deep into Talisman territory. Though they will be helped by allies—a loyal boy they freed from slavery and a man that used to be both Arian’s confidant and sword master—Arian and Sinnia know that this mission may well be their last.


Title : Beatlebone
Author : Kevin Barry
Publisher: Knopf Canada
Total pages: 256 pages
ISBN: 0345810503
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A searing novel that blends truth and fiction--and Beatles fandom--from one of literature's most striking contemporary voices, author of the international sensation City of Bohane. It is 1978, and John Lennon has escaped New York City to try to find the island off the west coast of Ireland he bought nine years prior. Leaving behind domesticity, his approaching forties, his inability to create, and his memories of his parents, he sets off to find calm in the comfortable silence of isolation. But when he puts himself in the hands of a shape-shifting driver full of Irish charm and dark whimsy, what ensues can only be termed a magical mystery tour. Based on fact--Lennon really did own an island in Ireland; and he truly did spend time there in the months just before his untimely death--this is a story such as only an extraordinary Irish writer could tell.

John Lennon - Imagine (Songbook)

Title : John Lennon - Imagine (Songbook)
Author : John Lennon
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
Total pages: 72 pages
ISBN: 1458466892
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(Easy Piano Personality). Matching folio to the soundtrack from the highly publicized documentary on this legendary singer/ songwriter. 20 songs, including: A Day in the Life * The Ballad of John and Yoko * Give Peace a Chance * Jealous Guy * Woman * (Just Like) Starting Over * Imagine * and many more in easy piano notation.

Get Back

Title : Get Back
Author : Donovan Day
Publisher: BookBaby
Total pages: 171 pages
ISBN: 0983796386
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Imagine going back in time and befriending The Beatles at the height of their fame. Imagine seeing “the boys” interact onstage and off, hanging out with them in the dance clubs of London, visiting John & Paul at Paul’s house across from Abbey Road Studios. Imagine all the questions when they learn you’re from the future: How are records made? Will their music last? Will anyone remember The Beatles? And then John Lennon asks the biggest question of them all – “What will become of me?” That last question sets 17-year-old Lenny Funk off on the adventure of his life with a goal that seems impossible – to stop John Lennon’s assassin, Mark David Chapman. Lenny Funk is able to time travel, thanks in part to his baby boomer grandfather’s old iPod Nano which is loaded with the classic rock and roll, and pop and folk tunes of the 1960s & ‘70s. Together with his new friend Yoko (yes, she’s named after that Yoko), Lenny “time slips” backwards where he meets some of his musical heroes -- not only The Beatles but also Jim Morrison & James Taylor, among others. Lenny must make some difficult and heartbreaking decisions—should he change the course of history, or not? And what are the consequences if he does? The year 2015 marks what would have been John Lennon’s 75th birthday and, sadly, the 35th year since he was murdered.

Give Me Some Truth

Title : Give Me Some Truth
Author : Eric Gansworth
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Total pages: 432 pages
ISBN: 1338143557
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A powerful new book from Eric Gansworth, author of If I Ever Get Out of Here, that speaks the truth on race, relationships, and rock from two unforgettable perspectives.

The Beatles Diary Volume 2: After The Break-Up 1970-2001

Title : The Beatles Diary Volume 2: After The Break-Up 1970-2001
Author : Keith Badman
Publisher: Omnibus Press
Total pages: 480 pages
ISBN: 0857120018
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From 1970 onwards the disbanded Beatles were at last free to follow their individual interests. From that point on there were four separate stories... but they were stories that would form a complex overlapping history of quarrels and reconciliations, personal projects and sporadic collaborations. For the first time ever, a noted Beatles expert has meticulously documented the entire period of The Beatles after the break-up.

The Beatles Encyclopedia: Everything Fab Four [2 volumes]

Title : The Beatles Encyclopedia: Everything Fab Four [2 volumes]
Author : Kenneth Womack
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Total pages: 1116 pages
ISBN: 0313391726
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A fascinating look at the history of the Beatles, from their formative years through the present day, as detailed in hundreds of entries chock-full of information never before shared with the public. • Offers unprecedented insights into the Beatles' collective and solo releases, as well as the people and places that impacted their work • Analyzes their complete body of work along with the instrumentation and recording sessions behind the music • Tells the story of this iconic group through compelling entries written with a clear focus on readability

Yoko Ono

Title : Yoko Ono
Author : Nell Beram,Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky
Publisher: Abrams
Total pages: 184 pages
ISBN: 1613125135
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This lyrical biography explores the life and art of Yoko Ono, from her childhood haiku to her avant-garde visual art and experimental music. An outcast throughout most of her life, and misunderstood by every group she was supposed to belong to, Yoko always followed her own unique vision to create art that was ahead of its time and would later be celebrated. Her focus remained on being an artist, even when the rest of world saw her only as the wife of John Lennon. Yoko Ono’s moving story will inspire any young adult who has ever felt like an outsider, or who is developing or questioning ideas about being an artist, to follow their dreams and find beauty in all that surrounds them. Praise for Yoko Ono: Collector of Skies STARRED REVIEW "Clean text space, delicate but legible font, and scads of photographic portraiture and art piece reproductions of excellent clarity contribute to an overall book design worthy of its subject." —Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, starred review "A detailed portrait of a complex woman who for several reasons has a significant place in our cultural history. Even rabid fans of Lennon or the 1960s will find new information and angles in this searching study." —Kirkus Reviews "This beautifully produced, comprehensive, and highly sympathetic biography of the artist covers her entire life, reporting her influences and her accomplishments, and bringing her out from behind the shadow of her famous husband." —School Library Journal "This is handsomely designed and generously illustrated; it is also well researched and filled with intriguing details. There’s not a lot for young people about Ono. They will find this a good starting place." —Booklist Award 2014 Amelia Bloomer Project List

Death of a Dreamer

Title : Death of a Dreamer
Author : Alison Behnke
Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books
Total pages: 96 pages
ISBN: 0761388494
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New York, December 8, 1980: The announcement shocked the world. Beatles founder and legendary musician John Lennon had been murdered in front of his New York home. With no warning, a lone gunman opened fire, shooting Lennon in the back just as Lennon returned from a recording session with his wife, Yoko Ono. Husband, father of two, cultural icon, and hero to millions, Lennon was dead.Around the globe, people mourned the loss of a man who had stood for peace, a man who had given so much joy to the world through his gift of music. No one had seen it coming...except one man-Mark David Chapman, Lennon's assassin.What drove this former Beatles fan to commit such a terrible act? Follow the lives of both Lennon and Chapman, learn about the political and cultural settings in which both grew up, and trace-step by excruciating step-the final moments of John Lennon's life.

The Beatles: Off The Record 2 - The Dream is Over

Title : The Beatles: Off The Record 2 - The Dream is Over
Author : Keith Badman
Publisher: Omnibus Press
Total pages: 612 pages
ISBN: 0857121022
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This book compiles more outrageous opinions and unrehearsed interviews from the former Beatles and the people who surrounded them. Keith Badman unearths a treasury of Beatles sound bites and points-of-view, taken from the post break up years. Includes insights from Yoko Ono, Linda McCartney, Barbara Bach and many more.

Violence and the Limits of Representation

Title : Violence and the Limits of Representation
Author : G. Matthews,S. Goodman
Publisher: Springer
Total pages: 194 pages
ISBN: 1137296909
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Violence and the Limits of Representation explores the representation of violence in literature, film, drama, music and art in order to demonstrate the ways in which the work done by researchers in the Arts and Humanities can offer fresh perspectives on current social and political issues.

Tell Me Why

Title : Tell Me Why
Author : Tim Riley
Publisher: Da Capo Press
Total pages: 482 pages
ISBN: 0786730900
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A unique combination of musical analysis and cultural history, Tell Me Why stands alone among Beatles books with its single-minded focus on the most important aspect of the band: its music. Riley offers a new, deeper understanding of the Beatles by closely considering each song and album they recorded in an exploration as rigorous as it is soulful. He tirelessly sifts through the Beatles discography, making clear that the legendary four were more than mere teen idols: They were brilliant innovators who mastered an extremely detailed art. Since the first publication of Tell Me Why in 1988, much new primary source material has appeared—Paul McCartney's authorized biography, the Anthology CDs and videos, the complete Parlophone-sequenced albums on CD, the Live at the BBCsessions, and the global smash 1. Riley incorporates all the new material in an update that makes this a crucial book for Beatles fans.

Imagining Resistance

Title : Imagining Resistance
Author : J. Keri Cronin,Kirsty Robertson
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
Total pages: 294 pages
ISBN: 155458311X
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Imagining Resistance: Visual Culture and Activism in Canada offers two separate but interconnected strategies for reading alternative culture in Canada from the 1940s through to the present: first, a history of radical artistic practice in Canada and, second, a collection of eleven essays that focus on a range of institutions, artists, events, and actions. The history of radical practice is spread through the book in a series of short interventions, ranging from the Refus global to anarchist-inspired art, and from Aboriginal curatorial interventions to culture jamming. In each, the historical record is mined to rewrite and reverse Canadian art history—reworked here to illuminate the series of oppositional artistic endeavours that are often mentioned in discussions of Canadian art but rarely acknowledged as having an alternative history of their own. ?p Alongside, authors consider case studies as diverse as the anti-war work done by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in Montreal and Toronto, recent exhibitions of activist art in Canadian institutions, radical films, performance art, protests against the Olympics, interventions into anti-immigrant sentiment in Montreal, and work by Iroquois photographer Jeff Thomas. Taken together, the writings in Imagining Resistance touch on the local, the global, the national, and post-national to imagine a very different landscape of cultural practice in Canada.

John Lennon

Title : John Lennon
Author : Ken Lawrence
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Total pages: 192 pages
ISBN: 9780740793127
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As writer, actor, and activist, his words and music shaped a generation. John Lennon: In His Own Words is a fitting tribute to a man who changed the world with his music and his message. John Lennon inspired millions during his too-brief lifetime. First with the Beatles, then as a solo artist, philosopher, and peace activist, he spoke for a generation that believed they could change the world, and did. Now his words are preserved in a handsome hardcover volume that will touch his many fans and enlighten a new generation. * "Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one." * "My role in society, or any artist's or poet's role, is to try and express what we all feel. Not to tell people how to feel. Not as a preacher, not as a leader, but as a reflection of us all." * "You're just left with yourself all the time, whatever you do anyway. You've got to get down to your own God in your own temple. It's all down to you, mate."

100 Things Beatles Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die

Title : 100 Things Beatles Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die
Author : Gillian G. Gaar
Publisher: Triumph Books
Total pages: 256 pages
ISBN: 1623682029
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Few music groups have been able to sustain a fan base over half a century that is as significant and devoted as those of the Beatles, and this entertaining guide to all things Fab Four rewards those fans with everything they need to know about the band in a one-of-a-kind format. Packed with history, trivia, lists, little-known facts, and must-do adventures that every Beatles fan should undertake, it ranks each item from one to 100. Fans of any generation will appreciate the songs, albums, places, personalities, and events that are relived and revealed from five decades of Beatles lore.


Title : Politics
Author : Hendrik Hertzberg
Publisher: Penguin
Total pages: 720 pages
ISBN: 1101200928
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Cause for jubilation: One of America’s wisest and most necessary voices has distilled what he knows about politics, broadly speaking, into one magnificent volume. Here at last are Henrik Hertzberg’s most significant, hilarious, and devastating dispatches from the American scene he has chronicled for four decades with an uncanny blend of moral seriousness, high spirits, and perfect rhetorical pitch. Politics is at once the story of American life from LBJ to GWB and a testament to the power of the written word in the right hands. In those hands, politics encompasses everyone from Jerry Garcia to Rush Limbaugh, every place from New Hampshire to Nicaragua, and everything from Playboy vs. Penthouse to Bush vs. Gore. Hendrik Hertzberg breaks down American politics into its component parts—campaigns, debates, rhetoric, the media, wars (cultural, countercultural, and real), high crimes and misdemeanors, the right, and more. Each section begins with a new piece of writing framing the subject at hand and contains the choicest, most illuminating pieces from his body of work. Politics is a tour of the defining moments of American life from the mid-’60s till the mid-’00s, a ride though recent American history with one of the most insightful and engaging guides imaginable, a writer who consistently makes us see more clearly and feel more deeply. “Politics is invaluable for all sorts of reasons—chief among them being decades of elegant writing in the service of surgical intelligence.”—Toni Morrison


Title : Imagine
Author : Paul M. Diesel
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Total pages: 159 pages
ISBN: 1450029116
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John Lennon’s “Imagine” is widely regarded as one of the great, maybe the greatest, anthems for peace, as are many of his other songs, notably “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” and “Give Peace a Chance.” This is the story of how John’s memory and spirit could affect the current geopolitical scene. Or is it the man himself?! And so it’s a story about peace and about characters as diverse as they are numerous: Arthur Williams, successful businessman; Dave Conley, White House staffer; Laura Sparrow, the world’s top female pop act and Arthur’s wife; Joe Marcello, her manager; Stacey, Joe’s wife and Hideki Yokobori, the most influential music man in Japan. Join them as they navigate through the White House to Iraq and Afghanistan and blend good old-fashioned capitalism, pop music’s top acts and the President and his cabinet in a tale of success and fame, greed, infidelity, disappointment and a mysterious and delightful British Foreign Minister.

Days That I’ll Remember: Spending Time With John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Title : Days That I’ll Remember: Spending Time With John Lennon & Yoko Ono
Author : Jonathan Cott
Publisher: Omnibus Press
Total pages: 256 pages
ISBN: 1783230487
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Offering new insight into Lennon and Ono as individuals, artists and lovers, Days That I’ll Remember is a gifted music journalist’s memoir of a seismic time in music, politics and culture and one of the most incisive and affectionate portraits ever written about this world-altering couple. In this rich account of their relationship, Cott tells his own story alongside his many interviews with the couple. While most originally appeared in Rolling Stone, they usually did so in shortened form; the full-length versions here contain previously unpublished and often revealing material. Also featured is a recent Cott interview with Yoko Ono as well as images from her private archive. Jonathan Cott’s relationship with two of the most iconic figures of our time began in 1968 when, as London correspondent for the fledgling Rolling Stone, he went to interview John Lennon and Yoko Ono in their London flat. A friendship was born that lasted for the rest of Lennon’s life and still continues today between Cott and Yoko Ono. It was Jonathan Cott who interviewed the couple about their Double Fantasy album on December 5, 1980 in their apartment at the Dakota in New York. It would be Lennon’s last major interview.

100 Best Beatles Songs

Title : 100 Best Beatles Songs
Author : Michael Lewis,Stephen J. Spignesi
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal
Total pages: 320 pages
ISBN: 1603762655
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Which Song is the Best and Why? Read it and see! Organized by rank, from 1 to 100, this illustrated celebration of the best songs by the boys who revolutionized rock-and-roll includes expert commentary, historical context, interview material, and lots of great sidebars (including "best" lists from some of today's pop music powerhouses.) Like all "best of" lists, the book's opinionated stance generates animated discussion. Here, There, and Everywhere is profusely illustrated with photos of the band at work and play, and all of the unforgettable album-cover art. Appendices include a complete song list, discography, videography, and bibliography, making it a one-stop source of Beatles facts and figures.

Where Are They Buried?

Title : Where Are They Buried?
Author : Tod Benoit
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal
Total pages: 560 pages
ISBN: 1603763902
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The perennially best-selling guide to the lives, deaths, and final resting places of our most enduring cultural icons, now revised and completely updated to include 25 entries of the newly dead. Where Are They Buried? has directed legions of fervent fans and multitudes of the morbidly curious to the gravesides, monuments, memorials, and tombstones of the nearly 500 celebrities and antiheros included in the book. By far the most complete and well-organized guide on the subject, every entry features an entertaining capsule biography full of little-known facts; a detailed description of the death; and step-by-step directions to the site of the grave, including not only the name of the cemetery but the specific roads and trails to take within the cemetery to reach the gravesite. The book also provides a handy index of grave locations organized by state, province, and country to make planning a grave-hopping road trip easy and efficient. New entries include Steve Jobs, Whitney Houston, Neil Armstrong, Elizabeth Taylor, Dick Clark and twenty more.

Lennon: The Albums

Title : Lennon: The Albums
Author : Johnny Rogan
Publisher: Calidore
Total pages: 192 pages
ISBN: 0857124382
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A comprehensive analysis of every album recorded by John Lennon during his solo years from the end of the Sixties to his death in 1980, as well as the posthumous work that followed. A lively and provocative commentary of every song is interspersed with comments from Lennon on his final decade. Features a song by song analysis, a song index for easy reference, details of compilations and live albums and details of posthumous releases. From his early experimental work with Yoko Ono, through the startling sound of the Plastic Ono Bandk, the chart-topping Imagine, the political years in New York, the 'lost weekend' in Los Angeles, retirement, the comeback with Double Fantasy and his tragic assasination in December 1980 - Rogan leaves no stone unturned. Johnny Rogan is the author of the best-selling Morrissey And Marr: The Severed Alliance, one of the most acclaimed music biographies ever written, and still a best seller since its first publication in 1992. He has written high-profile biographies on The Byrds, Neil Young, George Michael and his latest, Van Morrison: No Surrender was featured in the Sunday Times' best books of 2005.

Risky Business

Title : Risky Business
Author : William D. Romanowski
Publisher: Routledge
Total pages: 801 pages
ISBN: 1351492845
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The role of motion pictures in the popularity of rock music became increasingly significant in the latter twentieth century. Rock music and its interaction with film is the subject of this significant book that re-examines and extends Serge Denisoff's pioneering observations of this relationship.Prior to Saturday Night Fever rock music had a limited role in the motion picture business. That movie's success, and the success of its soundtrack, began to change the silver screen. In 1983, with Flashdance, the situation drastically evolved and by 1984, ten soundtracks, many in the pop/rock genre, were certified platinum. Choosing which rock scores to discuss in this book was a challenging task. The authors made selections from seminal films such as The Graduate, Easy Rider, American Grafitti, Saturday Night Fever, Help!, and Dirty Dancing. However, many productions of the period are significant not because of their success, but because of their box office and record store failures.Risky Business chronicles the interaction of two major mediums of mass culture in the latter twentieth century. This book is essential for those interested in communications, popular culture, and social change.

Sound, Society and the Geography of Popular Music

Title : Sound, Society and the Geography of Popular Music
Author : Thomas L. Bell
Publisher: Routledge
Total pages: 320 pages
ISBN: 1317052544
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Popular music is a cultural form much rooted in space and place. This book interprets the meaning of music from a spatial perspective and, in doing so it furthers our understanding of broader social relations and trends, including identity, attachment to place, cultural economies, social activism and politics. The book's editors have brought together a team of scholars to discuss the latest innovative thinking on music and its geographies, illustrated with a fascinating range of case studies from the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia and Great Britain.


Author : Jeffery Levy
Publisher: Jeffery Levy
Total pages: 398 pages
ISBN: 0969433204
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Applelog 5th Edition is the only complete resource for collectors of U.S. and Canadian Apple recordings and related material, including: • Albums • Singles • E.P.'s • Compact Disc's • 4-Tracks • 8-Tracks • Cassettes • Reel-to-reels • Apple reissues • Apple Advertisements • Apple Studios • Details on unreleased items • Apple Memorabilia • Foreign Apple Records • Special Interest Items, and more!

All The Songs

Title : All The Songs
Author : Philippe Margotin,Jean-Michel Guesdon
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal
Total pages: 672 pages
ISBN: 1603763716
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**NOTE: EBOOK DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY IMAGES** Every album and every song ever released by the Beatles?from "Please Please Me" (U.S. 1963) to "The Long and Winding Road" (U.S. 1970)?is dissected, discussed, and analyzed by two music historians in this lively and fully illustrated work. All the Songs delves deep into the history and origins of the Beatles and their music. This first-of-its-kind book draws upon decades of research, as music historians Margotin and Guesdon recount the circumstances that led to the composition of every song, the recording process, and the instruments used. Here, we learn that one of John Lennon's favorite guitars was a 1958 Rickenbacker 325 Capri, which he bought for £100 in 1960 in Hamburg, Germany. We also learn that "Love Me Do," recorded in Abbey Road Studios in September 1962, took 18 takes to get right, even though it was one of the first songs John and Paul ever wrote together. And the authors reveal that when the Beatles performed "I Want to Hold Your Hand" on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, John's microphone wasn't turned on, so viewers heard only Paul singing. All the Songs is the must-have Beatles book for the any true Beatles fan.

The Day the Music Died

Title : The Day the Music Died
Author : Les MacDonald
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Total pages: 404 pages
ISBN: 1469113562
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Behind the roaring crowds and the billion-dollar record deals are tales of solitude, anger, and depression. Readers are about to unearth these stories as author Les MacDonald brings nostalgia to every bookshelf with The Day the Music Died, his newly released book published through Xlibris. The Day the Music Died is a well-researched documentation of the different true stories of the persons whose names are forever etched in the history of music. Throughout, readers will get an intimate look into the deaths of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Elvis Presley, Brian Jones, Bob Marley, John Lennon, George Harrison, Tupac Shakur, Nirvanas Kurt Cobain, Selena, Michael Jackson, and many more. As each of these artists permanently faded from the limelight, a new testimonial will be created to prove that their music lives on. While some of our favorites may have lost their way at some point during their lifetimes, we must remember that there is one thing that the passage of time cannot erase . . . and that, my friends, is the music! shares the author.


Title : Twelve
Author : Nick McDonell
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
Total pages: 256 pages
ISBN: 1555846874
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Published to critical acclaim around the world, and soon to be a major motion picture directed by Joel Schumacher, Twelve established its seventeen- year-old author Nick McDonell as a powerful voice of the new millennium. The chilling novel follows prep school dropout White Mike through the week between Christmas and New Year’s 1999, as he takes a year off to deal an alluring new drug to his privileged peers on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The kids of Twelve have it all; Chris and Claude and Hunter and Laura have the best, and most, of everything, but are constantly looking for something more exotic, and more dangerous. But Twelve is not a coming-of-age story, because these kids never had a childhood—their parents are off on holiday in Bali or business in Brussels, leaving hired help to look the other way as the kids stay home alone in their multimillion-dollar town houses, partying with drugs and sex and, in the end, much worse.

Crash Diet

Title : Crash Diet
Author : Jill McCorkle
Publisher: Algonquin Books
Total pages: 250 pages
ISBN: 1616201991
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Here, from the remarkable novelist who wrote Ferris Beach, Tending to Virginia, July 7th, and The Cheer Leader, is Jill McCorkle's first book of short fiction. These eleven sparkling, uninhibited stories address her favorite subject: women who take matters into their own hands. McCorkle has yet again produced irrepressibly frank and funny portraits of remarkable characters.

John Lennon und Yoko Ono als Gesamtkunstwerk

Title : John Lennon und Yoko Ono als Gesamtkunstwerk
Author : Christian Breuer
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
Total pages: 37 pages
ISBN: 3638270203
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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 1999 im Fachbereich Filmwissenschaft, Note: sehr gut, Universität zu Köln (Theater-, Film- und Fernsehwissenschaft), Veranstaltung: Oberseminar "Künstlerpaare", Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Dass John Lennon und Yoko Ono in einer potentiellen Liste ,,berühmte Paare des 20. Jahrhunderts" zu nennen seien, ist mit einiger Wahrscheinlichkeit anzunehmen. Dafür, dass Lennon und Ono anlässlich eines Referates und der sich anschliessenden Hausarbeit für ein Oberseminar ,,Künstlerpaare" innerhalb der Theater-, Film- und Fernsehwissenschaft zu behandeln seien, sprachen zwei Aspekte: Zum einen ist Yoko Ono, zusammen mit ihrem Partner, in einer zentralen Phase ihres künstlerischen Schaffens als Filmemacherin in Erscheinung getreten. Dies bedarf der Erläuterung, denn die Filme sind der Öffentlichkeit wenig bekannt bzw. in Vergessenheit geraten. Sie sind Ende der 60er, Anfang der 70er Jahre, in Kunstmuseen und auf Festivals gezeigt worden und fallen -experimenteller Natur- stark in der Popularität gegenüber ihrem popmusikalischen Wirken oder aufsehenerregenden ,,Bed-In"-Aktionen ab. Gleichwohl besitzen sie innerhalb künstlerischen Schaffens als z.T. eigenständige und z.T. Vorgenanntes begleitende Äusserungen einen Wert im Rahmen eines Gesamtwerkes ′formell′ gleichsetzbar dem filmischen Wirken eines Warhol oder Cocteau, denen cineastische Beachtung zuteil wurde. Gegenwärtig, da Yoko Onos Kunst eine Neu-Entdeckung und -Bewertung erfährt, kommt es, seit Mitte der 90er Jahre, in Programmkinos zu einer Neu- (bzw. Erst-)Rezeption der Filme. In diesem Zusammenhang sei auch auf die Verknüpfung von „Bed-In"-Aktion und Dokumentation (in Teil 5, Politisierung) hingewiesen. Zum anderen ist zur Erwählung dieses Künstlerpaares für das Seminar -als substantiellerer Aspekt neben einer ′formellen′ Zulassung als Schaffende im Bereich Film- zu sagen: Es handelte sich um eine geradezu prototypische Erscheinung, innerhalb der genderspezifische Apekte die nach Themenstellung des Seminars größte Beachtung erfahren sollten- zu allen Zeiten eine besondere Rolle spielten. Bestimmte Konstellationen ließen sich wie folgend nachzulesen- kaum in getaner Weise an einem anderen Paar darstellen. Als zusätzlicher Hinweis sollen an dieser Stelle „die Rechte der Frau" als ein Grundthema Yoko Onos -neben anderen: „Frieden", „Völkerverständigung", „Menschlichkeit", „Ängste, Wünsche und Träume" genannt sein. Zur Materiallage muss vorangeschickt werden, dass sich ohne Schwierigkeit tonnenweise Fan-Literatur aus dem Bereich populärer Musik zusammenstellen ließe darin erkennbar: deutlicher Überhang des Popstars (Lennon). Der Autor sah sich gezwungen, eine Auswahl vorzunehmen -was ihm doch aufgrund bestimmter Vorkenntnis nicht schwerfiel. Als Langzeit-Pop- & Rock-Interessierter betrat er ohne ausgesprochener an John Lennons oder der Beatles zu sein- kein Neuland. Bestand vielmehr die wesentliche Aufgabe in der Präzisierung bestehender Kenntnis über gemeinsamens Wirken des Paares „Lenono", bedurfte dies auch in Erschließung über zeitgenössische Kunstkritik- Konzentration der Recherche auf die bislang weniger wahrgenommene Hälfte (Ono).

John Lennon\'s Secret

Title : John Lennon\'s Secret
Author : David Stuart Ryan
Publisher: kozmik press
Total pages: 251 pages
ISBN: 0905116089
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The amazing story of the rise of John Lennon's group - The Beatles - to fame and fortune. David Stuart Ryan carried out a great deal of original research into the true background to John, speaking to many of the characters who helped form his intense view of the world. This was backed up with full access to the files of Time magazine. The result is a comprehensive picture of a great artist living at a time of both tumult and awakening. The author spoke to many of the key people for John, including his formidable Aunt Mimi, who brought him up after his mother's marriage hit problems because of the Second World War. There is Liverpool DJ Bob Wooler, who was perhaps the first to recognise the genius of the Beatles, the presciently wrote 'There will never be another band like the Beatles again.' That was while they were still just a Cavern club lunchtime band. Then you'll meet his first manager, Alan Williams, who in a most weird and almost preordained way, arranged for the unknown group to take up a prestige residency in Hamburg, an engagement that was to transform them from a run of the mill provincial group into a world beating combination of individual talents. The seething contradictions of a red light district in early post-war Germany where just about anything went were the forcing ground for an entirely new kind of music. There are many secrets and surprises associated with John Lennon's early troubled life that are hinted at, but never fully revealed, in many of his songs and hits. John Lennon's Secret reveals these to you one by one. Strawberry Fields was a Salvation Army run home for abandoned childrenwhich lay just behind his aunt's house. Feeling himself abandoned, it had many associations for him, it was where he could be himself, no wonder it is the subject of his most outstanding and haunting song. All through this fast moving examination of the life of John Lennon you discover sides to him that are little known, even by those who grew up with him, such as Paul McCartney. There are more revelations about what exactly the relationship was with his musical partner, and the secrets they shared that made them such a formidable team. As the myth of the Beatles continues to thrive and grow, it is time for you to find out what really went on in the formation of a band who captured the wonder and amazement of the whole world. There are more than 20 original photographs in the book to take you behind the scenes and chart the rise of the super group to mega stardom and its ways. Even if you thought you knew the story, prepare for surprises, and smiles, on every page of John Lennon's Secret. This really is the true version of events that shook the musical world. Review from the Mail on Sunday ========================== WHIZZY WORLD OF JOHN LENNON "This weird, wild and generally whizzy examination of Lennon's life, loves, lyrics and old laundry lists is a whole lot of fun. Good photos too." One of the first biographies to appear, still proved to be the most accurate about both John Lennon and the extraordinary phenomenon that was The Beatles.

I Met the Walrus

Title : I Met the Walrus
Author : Mr. Jerry Levitan
Publisher: Harper Collins
Total pages: 168 pages
ISBN: 0061875910
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Imagine you're the world's biggest Beatles fan and you've just snuck into John Lennon's hotel room. But instead of being thrown out, inexplicably you're invited to spend the day with your idol. That's exactly what happened to fourteen-year-old Jerry Levitan in 1969. After hearing John was in Toronto for a "bed in," Jerry tracked him down at the King Edward Hotel and convinced the world's biggest rock star to sit down for an exclusive forty-minute interview. John talked candidly about war, politics, the scandalous Two Virgins album, and the supposed subliminal messages in his music. Now, forty years later, it's all here: Jerry's once-in-a-lifetime adventure, illustrated by acclaimed artist James Braithwaite and featuring never before seen photographs of John and Yoko. Also included in the book is Jerry's memorabilia from that day—notes from John and Yoko, the secret code to contact him, drawings, John's doodles, and much more. Complete with an audio and video DVD of the interview that inspired the Academy Award-nominated film of the same name, I Met the Walrus is an immortalized one-on-one moment with John—a must-have for Lennon fans around the world, as well as anyone who has ever dreamed of meeting a hero.

A Year of Days

Title : A Year of Days
Author : Myrl Coulter
Publisher: University of Alberta
Total pages: 208 pages
ISBN: 1772120782
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“As soon as she was gone from this earth, I felt an overwhelming need for more of her. I had to find her again. But how do you find someone after they’re gone for good?” After her mother succumbed to a rare form of dementia, Myrl Coulter turned the eulogy she had written for the funeral into a series of meditations on absence. The result is fifteen personal narrative essays that move through the vacations, holidays, special occasions, and ordinary days each year brings. Coulter reaches for the mother who is gone, yet ever-present, no matter where she is or what she is doing. In every captivating detail of Coulter’s world, A Year of Days offers readers an intimate odyssey of experience and catharsis.

Imagine John Yoko

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