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Title : MR. ARROGANT IN LOVE (Seri 1)
Author : Evathink
Publisher: Silk Heart Publisher
Total pages: 216 pages
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Karena perbuatan kakaknya yang menggelapkan uang perusahaan, Asha terpaksa mengorbankan diri menjadi teman tidur Dave, atasan kakaknya yang sangat tampan tapi arogan. Demi melindungi kakaknya dari ancaman masuk penjara, Asha merelakan kegadisan dan harga dirinya sebagai gadis baik-baik hilang dalam semalam. Dan yang lebih menyebalkan, selain menjadi teman tidur dan tempat pelampiasan gairah Dave yang tak bertepi, Asha juga harus terikat dengannya dan kehilangan kebebasannya. Mampukah Asha melepaskan diri dari Dave, yang meskipun sangat arogan, tapi sungguh mempesona dan menggetarkan hatinya?

An Unforgettable Man

Title : An Unforgettable Man
Author : Penny Jordan
Publisher: Harlequin
Total pages: pages
ISBN: 1459276264
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Dangerous Liaisons How would he make her pay? At sixteen, Courage Bingham had been innocent and unawakened, but her body had been passionately responsive when she felt strong, youthful hands caress her in the dark of her family's summerhouse. Shame and guilt had tormented her ever since, combined with an equally aching need for this unknown—unseen—stranger. Now, Courage worried that her senses were playing tricks on her. Gideon Reynolds, her harsh-featured, merciless new boss, could arouse her as only one other man ever had. Could they be one and the same? And, if they were, how would Gideon exact payment for her past deception? Penny Jordan's stimulating and colorful writing will stir the imagination." —Romantic Times

The People of the Ruins

Title : The People of the Ruins
Author : Edward Shanks
Publisher: Booklassic
Total pages: 176 pages
ISBN: 9635237510
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The People of the Ruins was written in the year 1920 by Edward Shanks. This book is one of the most popular novels of Edward Shanks, and has been translated into several other languages around the world. This book is published by Booklassic which brings young readers closer to classic literature globally.

The Devil Takes a Bride

Title : The Devil Takes a Bride
Author : Julia London
Publisher: Harlequin
Total pages: 384 pages
ISBN: 1460336658
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Return to New York Times bestselling author Julia London's popular Cabot Sisters series! If you love the novels of Stephanie Laurens and Sarah MacLean you won't want to miss this compulsively readable tale brimming with lush atmosphere and sizzling passion. A plan born of desperation… Once the toast of society, Grace Cabot and her sisters now await the shame of losing high status and fine luxuries upon the death of the Earl of Beckington. The dire circumstances are inevitable unless, of course, Grace's wicked plot to seduce a wealthy viscount into marriage goes off without a single hitch. But once a stolen embrace with the wrong man leads her to be discovered in the arms of Jeffrey, the Earl of Merryton, her plan takes a most unexpected—and scorching—twist. …and altered by passion Governed by routine and ruled by duty, Jeffrey had no desire for a wife before he succumbed to Grace's temptation. Though his golden-haired, in-name-only bride is the definition of disorder, he can't resist wanting her in every way. But once her secrets meet his, society might consider their lives to be ruined beyond repair…while Jeffrey might just see it as a new beginning.

The Bad Girl

Title : The Bad Girl
Author : Mario Vargas Llosa
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Total pages: 288 pages
ISBN: 9781429921558
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A New York Times Notable Book of 2007 "Splendid, suspenseful, and irresistible . . . A contemporary love story that explores the mores of the urban 1960s--and 70s and 80s."--The New York Times Book Review Ricardo Somocurcio is in love with a bad girl. He loves her as a teenager known as "Lily" in Lima in 1950, when she flits into his life one summer and disappears again without explanation. He loves her still when she reappears as a revolutionary in 1960s Paris, then later as Mrs. Richardson, the wife of a wealthy Englishman, and again as the mistress of a sinister Japanese businessman in Tokyo. However poorly she treats him, he is doomed to worship her. Charting Ricardo's expatriate life through his romances with this shape-shifting woman, Vargas Llosa has created a beguiling, epic romance about the life-altering power of obsession.

Lunch at the Shop

Title : Lunch at the Shop
Author : Peter Miller
Publisher: ABRAMS
Total pages: 160 pages
ISBN: 1613125968
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Don’t skip lunch! Complete with recipes, this “meditation on food, togetherness and simplicity”celebrates a daily break from the clock and the computer(Edible San Francisco). Nowadays, lunch has been sadly reduced to the realm of pay-and-go, stand-up, pre-made, take-out, and food-truck offerings—none of which are particularly nourishing to either body or mind. This delightful book reclaims lunch—not only in culinary terms, with more than 45 delicious recipes, but in terms of allowing us to slow down and savor free time, friends, family, and all the things in life we truly value. “You may not know it yet, but you are hungry for what is bound and written on these pages. As he did for me, Peter Miller will help fill you up. I’m sure of it.” —Matt Dillon, James Beard Award–winning chef

Bedding Lord Ned

Title : Bedding Lord Ned
Author : Sally MacKenzie
Publisher: Zebra Books
Total pages: 432 pages
ISBN: 1420128485
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Pleasure Is On Her Dance Card Determined to find a husband, Miss Eleanor "Nell" Bowman attends a ball put on by the Duchess of Greycliffe, fondly referred to as the Duchess of Love. But she roundly dismisses the suitors the matchmaking hostess has invited on her behalf. For it's the duchess's dashing son Ned, Lord Edward, who long ago captured Nell's heart--and roused her desire. All it takes is a pair of conveniently misplaced silky red bloomers to set the handsome widower's gaze on this unusual girl who is clearly more than meets the eye. . . After more than a year of mourning, Ned longs to finally start anew. At first glance, the birthday ball his mother has thrown in his honor is decidedly lacking in suitable mistresses. But he senses something unexpectedly alluring beneath the veil of Nell's plain exterior--something she's anxious to reveal, and the lonely Lord is incapable of denying. . . Praise for the Novels of Sally MacKenzie "Naked and naughty!" --Romantic Times "So addictive they should come with a warning label."--Booklist "Plenty of heat and hilarity." --Publishers Weekly Complete bonus novella inside!

The Sheik\'s Mistress

Title : The Sheik\'s Mistress
Author : Brittany Young
Publisher: Harlequin
Total pages: 256 pages
ISBN: 1459266897
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THE WOMAN WHO WOULD BE QUEEN? Powerful Michael Hassan was not born to the throne, but circumstances had made him king. And as ruler of his desert kingdom, he must marry a wife hand-picked for him. Then he met a blond American beauty, and he had to choose between duty and desire…. Jen O'Hara had come to Michael's country on a mission—but it wasn't marriage. No matter how hard she resisted, she was drawn to the potent, passionate man whose sense of honor only made him more irresistible…and all the more forbidden. It was clear Michael wanted her—body and soul—but being this sheik's mistress would never be enough….

The Diamond as Big as the Ritz

Title : The Diamond as Big as the Ritz
Author : F. Scott Fitzgerald
Publisher: Melville House
Total pages: 80 pages
ISBN: 1612192211
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Although this novella stands out from his body of work in that it’s a playful yet sinister fairy tale, it brilliantly fuses F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ongoing lush fantasies about the extremes of wealth with his much more somber understanding of what underpins it. Loosely inspired by a summer he spent as a teenager working on a ranch in Montana, The Diamond as Big as the Ritz is Fitzgerald’s hallucinatory paean to the American West and all its promises. It’s the story of John T. Unger, a young Southerner who goes to Montana for summer vacation with a wealthy college classmate. But the classmate’s family proves to be much more than simply wealthy: They own a mountain made entirely of one solid diamond. And they’ve gone to dreadful lengths to conceal their secret … meaning John could be in danger. But the family also has a daughter, lovely Kismine, and with her help, John may yet escape the fate her family has meted out to all their other guests so far …

The Summer Bride

Title : The Summer Bride
Author : Anne Gracie
Publisher: Penguin
Total pages: 320 pages
ISBN: 0698411625
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From the award-winning author of The Spring Bride comes the conclusion to the quartet about four sisters, four weddings, and a bride for every season... Fiercely independent Daisy Chance has a dream—and it doesn’t involve marriage or babies (or being under any man’s thumb). Raised in poverty, she has a passion—and a talent—for making beautiful clothes. Daisy aims to become the finest dressmaker in London. Dashing Irishman Patrick Flynn is wealthy and ambitious, and has entered society to find an aristocratic bride. Instead, he finds himself growing increasingly attracted to the headstrong, clever and outspoken Daisy. She’s wrong in every way—except the way she sets his heart racing. However, when Flynn proposes marriage, Daisy refuses. She won't give up her hard-won independence. Besides, she doesn't want to join the fine ladies of society—she wants to dress them. She might, however, consider becoming Flynn's secret mistress... But Flynn wants a wife, and when he sets his heart on something, nothing can stand in his way...

It Takes a Scandal

Title : It Takes a Scandal
Author : Caroline Linden
Publisher: Harper Collins
Total pages: 384 pages
ISBN: 0062244914
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Sometimes It Takes a Scandal . . . Abigail Weston has everything: beauty, wit, and one of the largest dowries in England. Her parents hope she'll wed an earl. Abigail hopes for a man who wants her desperately and passionately. But the money seems to blind every man she meets—except one. Sebastian Vane has nothing. He came home from war with a shattered leg to find his father mad and his inheritance gone. He's not a fit suitor for anyone, let alone an heiress. But Abigail lights up his world like a comet, bright and beautiful and able to see him instead of his ruined reputation. And it might end happily ever after . . . To Reveal Your Heart's Desire . . . Until Benedict Lennox begins courting Abigail. Ben is everything Sebastian isn't—wealthy, charming, heir to an earl. Sebastian won't give up the only girl he's ever loved without a fight, but Abigail must choose between the penniless gentleman who moves her heart, and the suitor who is everything her parents want.

Street Corner Secrets

Title : Street Corner Secrets
Author : Svati P Shah
Publisher: Duke University Press
Total pages: 280 pages
ISBN: 0822376512
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Street Corner Secrets challenges widespread notions of sex work in India by examining solicitation in three spaces within the city of Mumbai that are seldom placed within the same analytic frame—brothels, streets, and public day-wage labor markets (nakas), where sexual commerce may be solicited discretely alongside other income-generating activities. Focusing on women who migrated to Mumbai from rural, economically underdeveloped areas within India, Svati P. Shah argues that selling sexual services is one of a number of ways women working as laborers may earn a living, demonstrating that sex work, like day labor, is a part of India's vast informal economy. Here, various means of earning—legitimized or stigmatized, legal or illegal—overlap or exist in close proximity to one another, shaping a narrow field of livelihood options that women navigate daily. In the course of this rich ethnography, Shah discusses policing practices, migrants' access to housing and water, the idea of public space, critiques of states and citizenship, and the discursive location of violence within debates on sexual commerce. Throughout, the book analyzes the epistemology of prostitution, and the silences and secrets that constitute the discourse of sexual commerce on Mumbai's streets.


Title : Hope
Author : Len Deighton
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
Total pages: 386 pages
ISBN: 0007395795
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Bernard Samson returns to Berlin in the second novel in the classic spy trilogy, FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY.

Living Dharma

Title : Living Dharma
Author : Jack Kornfield
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
Total pages: 336 pages
ISBN: 9780834822535
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In this book, Jack Kornfield presents the heart of Buddhist practice as taught by twelve highly respected masters from Southeast Asia. These renowned teachers offer a rich variety of meditation techniques: the practices include traditional instructions for dissolving the solid sense of self, for awakening insight, for realizing Nirvana, and for cultivating compassion for all beings. Jack Kornfield’s first three chapters give an overview of Buddhist philosophy and, specifically, the meditation practices of Burma, Thailand, and Laos. The teachings in this volume are from Achaan Chaa, Mahasi Sayadaw, Sunlun Sayadaw, Achaan Buddhadasa, Achaan Naeb, Achaan Maha Boowa, Tuangpulu Sayadaw, Mohnyin Sayadaw, Mogok Sayadaw, U Ba Khin, Achaan Dhammadaro, and Achaan Jumnien.

Babylon Revisited

Title : Babylon Revisited
Author : F. Scott Fitzgerald
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Total pages: 272 pages
ISBN: 9780743247382
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Written between 1920 and 1937, when F. Scott Fitzgerald was at the height of his creative powers, these ten lyric tales represent some of the author's finest fiction. In them, Fitzgerald creates vivid, timeless characters -- a dissatisfied southern belle seeking adventure in the north; the tragic hero of the title story who lost more than money in the stock market; giddy and dissipated young men and women of the interwar period. From the lazy town of Tarleton, Georgia, to the glittering cosmopolitan centers of New York and Paris, Fitzgerald brings the society of the "Lost Generation" to life in these masterfully crafted gems, showcasing the many gifts of one of our most popular writers.

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